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Starting from Christmas-card design in junior school, through pursuing professional education in graphic design, drawing and painting to an ultimate career as a working artist creating art has always been an integral part of my life.

The process of creating my art can be especially progressive and unruly. I like to innovate and pioneer. The pursuit of the unique and extraordinary is the driving force behind artistic creation and requires a certain courage. I believe that only when you have this courage are you able to push yourself to new levels of achievement; always pressing the boundaries towards the infinite in creativity.

Every time, I bravely add new inputs to an art piece, I work to avoid formulae of expression or technique. I strive to escape habitual practice. Perseverance and stubbornness satisfy my ego, and sometimes bring unanticipated yet positive results.

By expanding the theme and content of my work through landscape, abstract, portrait and conceptual art, I have enriched my body of work. Using art to reflect various situations of my mind, I seek to convey my message. The physical execution of art, whether in two or three-dimensional form, is the “Infinite” performance. I design an exceptional composition and format to differentiate the end result. I use contrast and mix complementary colours to generate a distinctive visual impact. I employ re-purposed media to further push the boundaries, making them ultimately limitless. The “Infinite” rule becomes my guiding principle in creating my art.

The thirty pieces in this retrospective exhibition have been created since 1998. They typify my “Infinite” construction. Whether in traditional painting form, mixed media implication or uncontrolled sculptural form, each piece is exclusively coherent to my personal ambition of “Infinite” creativity.
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